New Beginnings opens up 4th transitional home for women in Abilene


ABILENE, Texas - Women released from prison often leave with only the clothes on their backs and in some cases become a victim of their environment.

New Beginnings Big Country has received an increase in applications from women wanting to participate in their transitional housing program.

NBBC Executive Director Missy Denard said it ' s difficult to turn women away who want to turn their lives around but with limited housing they have no other choice.

This summer NBBC opened up a fourth house. There are about 40 women committed to the 12-month program. People come and go but those who embrace the family like atmosphere and devote themselves to a spiritual rehabilitation successful leave the program.

The fourth home is called The Grace House and has five women staying there, including Melba Danford. Danford came from Houston after being on parole for possession of drugs. It ' s a journey Danford said she felt blessed she was admitted to be part of the New Beginnings program.

"It's really hard and it's so life threatening until you just don't realize it in the beginning, but after so many years of going through it, you realize that your falling backwards and it's not getting any better," Danford said. "When you make up your mind or you see Jesus in your life then you change your mind then everything seems to brighten up...then you have faith in something else instead of the drug."

New Beginnings hopes to expand to another building to help their permanent residents with children.

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