Brown Co. Youth Fair to honor local man who began finance committee


BROWN COUNTY, Texas - The 65th annual Brown County Youth Fair kicks off on Monday with kids from across the region competing in 4-H events.

But it's bittersweet for one man who is being honored as he calls it quits after nearly half-a-century of service with the group's finance committee.

Delton Sweatman moved to Brown County in 1969. Having been a reserve grand champion in high school at Kerrville, he wanted to get involved in the youth fair.

"That was my first year at it, and from then on, I was just part of it," Sweatman said.

It's a tradition his children and grandchildren have followed.

"It's a way to hold the family together," said his wife, Cheri Sweatman. "It shows them to have responsibility and take care of things."

This year, the Brown County Youth Fair Association will honor Sweatman for establishing its finance committee in the mid-1970s. When Sweatman first joined, they were clearing about $18,000 to give in scholarships.

"The sale I think was worth about $18,000 to the kiddos," Sweatman said. "Last year the sale was about $450,000."

Sweatman hopes the fair continues instilling values that money can't buy.

"I hope somewhere down the line that I influence the young lady or the young man to do better, or to try harder, or to keep plugging away," he said.

As he bids farewell, he said it's always been his mission to encourage kids.

"I just want them to believe that a little idea can turn into a great big one," he said.

The Brown County Youth Fair will go from Monday until Friday. A grand champion and reserve grand champion will be announced next Saturday.

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