NWS confirms multiple tornadoes touched down in northern Brown County


BROWN COUNTY, Texas - The National Weather Service in San Angelo says multiple tornadoes touched down Thursday night in the unincorporated town of Cross Cut in northwestern Brown County, approximately eight miles south of Cross Plains.

Hector Guerrero, a meteorologist with the NWS, says the tornadoes were considered to be EF-1, meaning they carried winds of 85 to 110 miles per hour.

"You're talking 100-miles-an-hour winds ... concentrated winds with some of the tornadoes," Guerrero said.

Some of the worst damages were to homes and barns near FM 2940 and Hwy 279. Tom and LaJuaina Haynes huddled inside a bathroom on Thursday with their three-year-old great-grandaughter.

"The car ports came up," LaJuania Haynes said. "[One of] the car ports went straight to our gym set ... knocked it over and shoved it to the living room window."

She said the tornadoes began circling her home at 8:15 p.m. That's when she then called her pastor alerting him of danger.


"She started crying ... because she saw me crying and it scared her," Haynes said, describing her great-granddaughter.

KTXS spotted damage to roofs of homes, carports and barns. An AEP crew had to replace a transformer damaged in the storm.

Guerrero said the tornadoes stayed stationary over the Haynes' home for 45 minutes.

"That's not really normal at all, it happens every so often," he said.

"I just thank God that we're all three here to tell about it," Haynes said. She said the experience left a lasting imprint on her family.

She said she appreciates the help she's received from her church family at Grosvenor Baptist Church.

"[We're] going to pick all this up and start rebuilding," Haynes said.

Haynes hopes to first replace her great-granddaughter's gym set.

No injuries or fatalities were reported from Thursday night's storm.