Brownwood professor talks new pipeline regulations

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BROWNWOOD, Texas - A Brownwood business professor weighed in on President Obama's recently-announced regulations for the 200,000 miles of pipelines that transport oil and gas around the U.S.

The regulations include more rigorous inspections of lines in rural areas.

"I'm thinking these regulations were an overreach," said Dr. Brad Lemler, dean of Howard Payne University's business school.

Lemler said 70 percent of oil in the U.S. is transferred via pipelines and that they're a safer way of moving oil. He cited statistics saying pipeline workers are hospitalized at a rate 30 times lower than rail workers transporting oil.

But Lemler thinks the new measures could benefit those servicing pipelines.

"While it might mean increased cost for everyone else across the board, it could be a good deal for the companies involved in providing those kinds of safety services," Lemler said.

He added that a shift in energy policy is expected with the Trump administration.

"Will the Keystone XL pipeline get built or not? I think with the change in presidential administrations it's going to get built," Lemler said.

The Obama administration's changes also included new requirements for leak detection systems.