Officials: District Attorney struck Texas crossing guard who later died

Christine Sandlin

DALLAS (AP) - Authorities in a North Texas city want state officials to investigate after a vehicle driven by the county's district attorney struck and fatally injured an 87-year-old school crossing guard.

Greenville officials said Tuesday police want the Texas Department of Public Safety to investigate because of the relationship between police and Hunt County District Attorney Noble Walker.

Officials say Walker's vehicle struck Christine Sandlin in a crosswalk about 7 a.m. March 29. She died April 11.

The accident report shows failure to yield to a pedestrian was a contributing factor. Conditions were dark and rainy.

Walker told WFAA-TV he couldn't "express enough how deeply saddened and sorry" he was. David Sandlin said Walker visited his mother in the hospital and apologized. He said "she forgave him of course."