Performers at 'Outlaws and Legends' say they're fans, too


ABILENE, Texas - Performers put their guitars to good use while fans enjoyed the music.

Some couldn't help getting up and dancing at the 7th annual Outlaws and Legends Music Festival. It took place Friday and Saturday at the Back Porch of Texas off Highway 277 just north of Interstate 20.

Musicians said they ' re not only performers. They're fans, too.

" We having fun, " said Jesse Raub Jr. " That's what we're doing. "

The festival started up Friday afternoon. Some of the other artists who took to the stage included Kevin Fowler, Lee Ann Womack and many more.

" We're having a great time, " said Josh Ward, a musician. " This is all about country music, guys coming together as writers, entertainers, some of our best friends in the world that we don't get to see all the time on the road we finally get to unite as one. "

" That's one of our favorite things about being here is getting to see our friends play, getting to just hang out and the comradery between this music and family that we have is just amazing, " Raub said.

They said Outlaws and Legends is like a reunion for the musicians and a chance to meet some of the fans.

" I feel at home, " Ward said. " I really do. The people here's been great to us, the fans. You couldn't ask for no better fans in the world than what we got right here. "

This is the fifth year ticket proceeds will benefit the Ben Richey Boys Ranch.

The festival ended at 11 p.m. Saturday night.