Police arrest Breckenridge man after stabbing spree


BRECKENRIDGE, Texas - A Breckenridge man is behind bars at the Stephens County Jail Monday after police say he stabbed four people and kicked a police officer in the head Friday.

Breckenridge Police Chief Larry Mahan says Ben Carlos Acosta's million-dollar bond is so high because he's facing so many charges related to that one night.

And what makes this case even more bizarre - police say they still can't figure out why he went on the spree.

Police said it all started at about 7:30 Friday evening at the Stephens Memorial Hospital.

"We had a report of a female at the hospital that had been stabbed," Mahan said. "When the officers arrived, she was not willing to give up much information."

Their investigation revealed the suspect was her boyfriend, the 34-year-old Acosta.

A couple of hours later, police said, Acosta then stabbed three people at a gas station in the 500 block of West Walker Street. Those victims said they did not know Acosta.

"It's very unusual for someone to just go up and stab somebody," Mahan said.

Police arrested Acosta at the gas station, and that's when they say he turned on officers.

"He began to fight the officers like he was going to get away after he had been handcuffed," Mahan said. "None of this makes any sense. After that, he assaulted an officer by kicking him in the head."

Acosta is now charged with stabbing four people, resisting arrest and assaulting a public servant. His bonds total $1,075,000.

"I don't feel like anybody's in danger here," Mahan said. "This is a nice, quiet community, but it just takes one to screw it up."

Police said they're not releasing the victims' names to protect their privacy, but they expect them all to be OK.

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