Police investigate activity on missing Snyder man's Facebook account


SNYDER, Texas - Family and friends of a Snyder man missing since early 2015 got alerted late last week that someone had logged into his Facebook account.

Who did it - whether it was missing David Emerson Jr. or someone else - still isn't known.

Personal messages were quickly sent to Emerson's Facebook page, talking about the alert, from his friends and family.

"Who just joined (Facebook) messenger for u cuz(?)" one message said.

"…if he alive we ain't askin anyone to catch him or bring him 2 us… we just wanna make sure he breathing," another message said.


Snyder Police Chief Terry Luecke said "nothing was said or posted on his page."

"It just stated that he (Emerson) had joined messenger on Facebook, but nothing else was communicated on messenger from him or whoever was on his Facebook Page," Luecke told KTXS on Monday. "That is all the information that has been received on his at this time."

Snyder police say Emerson hasn't been seen or heard from him since Jan. 10 or Jan. 11, 2015, according to Emerson's family.

Emerson was reported missing by his family on Feb. 18, 2015.

He has been considered a missing person since.

"Since that time several leads have been followed up on, but Emerson has not been located," Luecke said. "…Emerson is still listed as a missing person."

Anyone with information about his whereabouts, Luecke said, should contact the Snyder Police Department or Sgt. Mike Counts at (325) 573-0261 or (325) 573-2611.