Police investigating after 8-year-old Clyde student brings unloaded gun on bus


By Will Jensen & Andrew McMillan/KTXS News

ABILENE, Texas - An eight-year-old boy was found with a gun Tuesday while riding on a school bus in Clyde.

UPDATE -} Family of 8-year-old caught with gun speaks out about incident.

Clyde Consolidated ISD Interim Superintendent Wes Hays wants parents to know students' safety is their top priority, but a mother and a neighbor we spoke with said they still have questions about this scary situation.

"Well it's scary, you know, kids bring the guns to school, and you hear it on the news in other towns, and you don't expect it to happen here because it's, you know, a small town," said Carrie Young, the mother of a first grader at Clyde Elementary School.

A soon-to-be dad who lives just down the street from the school wants to know how the student got the gun in the first place.

"To let a child have that -- that's terrifying, because a second grader doesn't fully know right from wrong," said Cameron Harness, a Clyde resident.

Clyde Police Chief Robert Dalton said they received information about an 8-year-old student with an unloaded gun on a school bus Tuesday. Dalton said no one was hurt, and the incident is under investigation.

"Our district personnel are looking into it," Hays said. "They are conducting their investigation. We are following the federal, state and the local policies."

Hays said he's not able to give details because the incident involves disciplinary action against a minor. He said the district's investigation should be completed within ten days. Once it's finished, they'll decide how to move forward.

"We want everyone to know, not only the parents of the student involved, but all of our parents of all of our children, that we look on these children as our very own while they're entrusted to our care, and we're going to do whatever's necessary to protect them as much as we possibly can," Hays said.

Young said she's looking forward to some answers.

"See why [the gun] was brought, what was the kid's intention to do with it, and hopefully something will be done," Young said.

Dalton said he believes the student has been suspended. He was not able to say if the child or his parents or guardians are facing any charges at this point.

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Police are investigating after an 8-year-old student in Clyde was caught with an unloaded gun while riding a school bus Tuesday.

Clyde Police Chief Robert Dalton confirmed to KTXS that the department was contacted about the incident and added that nobody was injured.

Clyde Consolidated ISD Interim Superintendent Wes Hays wouldn't give details about the incident due to the student being a minor, but he said the district is following federal, state, and school board guidelines with its investigation. He said the district expects the investigation to be completed within 10 days.

Hays said he wanted to ensure to parents that the district's priority is the students' safety.

Dalton said he believes the student has been suspended but didn't have any further information. He didn't say if any specific criminal charges are pending.

KTXS has a crew in Clyde and we will have the full story on KTXS News at Ten.

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