Police report: $5,000 embezzled from Abilene youth football organization


ABILENE, Texas - Police are investigating the alleged embezzlement of $5,000 from an Abilene youth sports organization, an incident report released Thursday indicates.

Allegations are an "individual working in a volunteer position as a board member" of the Redskins organization in the West Texas Youth Football Association "misappropriated funds … that that person was entrusted with," the report said.

In addition, the report said the yet-to-be-named individual also used a bankcard to pay for a personal cell phone bill.

The Redskins Pee Wee Coach Kevin Bose said they believe more people could be involved and they aren't certain how much money was taken. The board members of the organization have since been replaced and they plan to have new bylaws for the upcoming year.

"It's gonna make it harder for us to keep players, I've already had one player quit because of this," Bose said. "Something does need to happen and it's been in my view that we need to be transparent."

No arrest had been as of early Thursday afternoon.

"It's an active investigation," Abilene police spokesman Rick Tomlin said.