Police respond to 911 call at home of murdered Abilene real estate agent


By Joe Fry & Doug Myers/KTXS News

ABILENE, Texas -- Police descended on the residence of murdered Abilene real estate agent Tom Niblo on Tuesday morning after they say the homeowner reported they thought someone was in the house.

Officers checked the scene in the 3700 block of Woodridge Drive and determined it was a "false alarm." The location is near South 14 th Street and River Oaks Road.

Initial reports were that the homeowner - who had a gun -- had locked herself in the bathroom.

The call came in shortly before 7:30 a.m.

Police responded to the same home on Dec. 12, when Tom Niblo was shot to death.


According to the search warrant signed Dec. 12, Tom and wife Cheryl Niblo were in bed. She got up and went to the restroom with her phone.

As KTXS has previously reported, Cheryl Niblo heard several shots, ran out the back door and to a neighbor's house. Tom Niblo was shot eight times, including the head, face, abdomen, torso, left and right extremities, and left and right legs.

"The investigation did not reveal any evidence of why Cheryl McKissack Niblo removed herself from the bedroom at the exact time that Thomas Niblo was shot to death," the warrant states.

Police found Tom Niblo's smartphone on the bedside table. Cheryl Niblo's phone was found in the bathroom. Police said neither phone was used to call 911.

Niblo's brother-in-law, Luke Sweetser, is a suspect in the murder. But no one has been charged with the shooting death.