Police: Robbery at Abilene poker game organized by disgruntled player

Clockwise from top left, Chazsman Small, Douglas Sims, Michael Payne, and Jamar Sims?arrested in connection with an Oct. 4 robbery in south Abilene.

The alleged robbery at a southside business that occurred about two weeks ago may have been retribution for an incident at a poker game several months ago.

That's according to an affidavit filed by Abilene police, which says that one of the suspects arrested in connection with the robbery, Douglas Sims, was a regular participant at the poker games and told another person that he wanted to use his son to "intimidate people at the game."

Sims was one of six people arrested Wednesday during the execution of a search warrant related to the Oct. 4 robbery. He was charged with unlawful possession of a firearm by felon, but three others - Jamar Sims, Michael Payne, and Chazsman Small -- were charged with aggravated robbery.

Court documents say the robbery happened during a poker game at the southside business, and multiple victims reported thousands of dollars in cash taken by the suspects.

We're learning in those documents that Douglas Sims was a regular at these poker games but acted erratically during the game that took place on October 4. A witness told police that Douglas was eyeing the room to get a count of the money that was present and then left before he normally would. He was also seen on video sending a text message after examining the cash drawer. About 30 minutes later, the game was raided by the robbery suspects.

According to court records, Douglas Sims told someone in September that he was "tired of being treated differently from the other players by DJ." The documents don't identify who DJ is. He then said "if DJ didn't start showing him more respect that he was going to shut down the place," clarifying that he wasn't going to involve the police, but intended to shut down the poker game himself.

Surveillance video at the business caught identifying characteristics of the suspects, the getaway car, and the guns used in the heist, according to the affidavit. One of the victims also recognized Jamar Sims from a previous incident at a poker game and identified him as one of the suspects. He said Jamar was giving orders to the other two suspects. Small was identified as a possible wheelman in the robbery.

When a search was conducted Wednesday at a house in the 5300 block of Pueblo Drive, Abilene police found several items of evidence linked to the robbery.

Jamar Sims has been released on bond, but the other three are still held in the Taylor County Jail.

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