Police seize synthetic urine from Eastland tobacco shop


EASTLAND, Texas - Eastland police seized more than $1,600 worth of synthetic urine from a tobacco shop Tuesday, and while they say the product is illegal because it's primarily used to falsify drug tests, no charges have been filed yet.

Eastland police posted a picture of the synthetic urine they seized on their Facebook page. They said it all started with a tip that the product was being sold at a tobacco shop there.

"Officers went inside and in a glass display case found synthetic urine, or fake urine that is commonly used to beat a drug test," said Lt. Dan Wilson.

"We do everything legal," said John Ilyas, an employee at Texas Tobacco Plus.

Ilyas said he was told by a wholesaler the product was legal.

We did some checking. A state law went into effect in 2015 banning synthetic urine designed to falsify a drug test. Some manufacturers try to get around that with print on the box saying it's not intended for unlawful use.

But police said some of the synthetic urine even comes with hand warmers to make the stuff appear to be body temperature.

"We take drugs in our community very seriously, and this is just another avenue for the people that do use illegal narcotics to intermingle with our community, and we want to eradicate that," Wilson said.

Police said no charges have been filed in this case, but an investigation is underway.

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