Police: Texas man claiming to be dentist performed extractions, charged victim thousands


SAN ANTONIO (SBG) - A local man is accused of causing extensive damage to a woman who went to him for thousands of dollars worth of dental work.

According to court papers, the victim met Isidro DeJesus Manjarres by chance at a restaurant back in March. During that first meeting, the victim claimed Manjarres told her he is a dentist and he offered to help her with dental pain she was suffering.

The victim told investigators she met Manjarres at his house a few days later for a dental examination and he told her she needed extractions and dental bridges. He said he would charge her $3,600. She paid half the amount.

She returned the next day and told detectives she underwent eight hours worth of painful dental procedures, including two extractions. She said the pain was excruciating and she thought she might die during the procedure.

When it was over, she claimed the pain did not go away and she eventually went to another dentist for help. She later learned Manjarres is not licensed to work as a dentist.

When Manjarres was questioned, he admitted he is not a dentist, but worked as a dental lab technician several years ago. He is now charged with practicing dentistry without a license.