Rain totals: 'Quite measurable' amounts recorded in Big Country

Precipitation totals

ABILENE, Texas - The eastern part of the Big Country on Thursday night saw several severe storms that dropped large hail, brought extremely strong winds and even a reported tornado by the town of May.

However, rain totals collected in Coleman, Brown and Eastland counties were quite measurable.

To the west of Cross Plains the slow-moving tornadic supercell dropped 3.28 inches of rain.

Over by Lake Coleman, their rain gauge recorded 4.39 inches, while just north of May 2.37 inches fell.

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The place that saw the most rainfall was a rural area south of Cross Plains. Specific rain amounts are unknown but radar estimates suggest nearly 8 inches of rain over several hours. ( Note : radar indications are not exact, but do indicate where higher amounts are recorded).

Back toward Abilene, the city picked up roughly 0.30 inches on Thursday night.

Currently for Friday, several thunderstorms are moving through the Big Country and will continue to through the afternoon and into tonight. Rain amounts are expected to add up during the day and exact totals will not be known until Saturday.

As of 7 a.m. Friday, rain amounts recorded across Abilene from several fire stations go as follows.... 0.62", 0.03", 0.81", 1.52", 0.54", 1.02", 1.03" and 0.22".

We will update this article as numbers continue to come in.