Ranger woman finds racist signs plastered on property


ABILENE, Texas - Multiple signs with racial slurs were plastered across 94-year-old Elvira Short's fence in Ranger. Caretakers came across the signs when mowing Short's lawn. They said Short's neighbor was upset about tree limbs falling on their property and fencing.

Short has lived in Ranger for more than 60 years. She was sickened by the images she never expected to encounter.

"Well this lady is trying to bring old history back to light," she said.

The signs reminded her of the 1920's where there were 'white only signs' hung on businesses and restaurants.

"It kind of made me sick I said well you know what I'm just going to have to pray over this and put it in God's hands."

Short wasn't angry but her niece Donnice Graham was.

"This woman (neighbor) does not represent Ranger," Graham said. "She does not represent the people here. This unacceptable does not fly and I hope they fix it."

Short said she also received a phone call from the neighbor harassing her. She reported the woman to the Ranger Police Department.

The Ranger Police Department has yet to return KTXS's phone calls.

In light of the incident Short and her niece say they are grateful for all the love and support they have received from the community.