Rescue the Animals moves over 150 animals to Midwest for adoption


ABILENE, Texas - Rescue the Animals, SPCA, pulled off its largest transport effort after moving over 150 animals to the Midwest U.S.

This was all made possible with the help from their rescue partners in Indiana, and Rescue the Animals, SPCA President Paul Washburn said that by moving the animals, they hope to find them a new home and free up space for other homeless animals in Abilene.

"These are animals that came from pounds in the Houston area before the hurricane hit that did not have homes, " Washburn said. " They are also animals from two huge hoarding cases we're working on, one in the Houston area and one in West Texas. Those animals were all surrendered."

These animals don't have owners looking for them because they were in shelters before Hurricane Harvey hit.

Volunteers with G.R.R.O.W.L., or GrassRoots Rescue Operated With Love, will be behind the wheel with this special cargo.

"We are taking about 200 dogs to Fort Wayne, Indiana to be distributed to rescues all over Illinois, Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, Virginia, and Washington, D.C. So they are kind of going everywhere," said one volunteer.

Along with driving the animals, the crew will also be getting them healthy for adoption.

"[We'll conduct a] temperament test, heartworm test, and vaccinate. We have to find rescues and all the other states that make commitments to these dogs because we can't take a dog that doesn't have a place to go," a volunteer said.

Washburn said they've moved a total of about 300 animals since last Friday, and he added that a majority of them get adopted quickly.