Rescue group says animals harmed during transport from Abilene to Indiana


ABILENE, Texas - More than 100 homeless dogs were transported in a truck from Abilene to Indiana in hopes of finding new homes.

When the dogs arrived at the destination, Abilene-based Rescue the Animals, SPCA President Paul Washburn said he was told temperatures in the truck had exceeded 100 degrees.

Washburn said it never should have gotten that hot during the 36-hour trek that began Friday.

"They did not take proper care of the animals and this disturbs us more than we can even begin to say, and we are very, very, very unhappy about that and very disheartened," Washburn said.

KTXS was at the Abilene Animal Shelter early Friday morning when Rescue the Animals, SPCA helped load the dogs in the trucks for the G.R.R.O.W.L. volunteers to take to Indiana.

According to a news station in Indiana, a group of people waiting for the truck to arrive were concerned because the drive took 36 hours, which is twice as long as it should have taken. We reached out to G.R.R.O.W.L. to hear what they had to say.

"The additional time was spent taking the dogs to (the) veterinarian for inspection, ' pottying ' the dogs, feeding the dogs, watering the dogs, and reloading the dogs," said Christi Pelz, a foster parent with G.R.R.O.W.L.

Meanwhile, Washburn said Rescue the Animals won't work with G.R.R.O.W.L. any more.

All the animals that the Allen County Sheriff ' s Department received are alive.

We reached out to the Allen County Sheriff's Department to find out if an investigation is in underway, but have not heard back.