Robots take over the Clyde High School gymnasium


CLYDE, Texas - Students had three rounds at the robotics competition to show the judges what their robots were capable of. Teams built and programmed their own robots to move PVC pipes and wiffle balls.

"What they're able to do is they're able to take their creative skills along with their knowledge, their collaborative skills and build something they can show their parents," said Mike Neal, the Clyde ISD IT director. "They can show their sponsors. They can show their peers."

Neal said every year there is a skill set that the robot needs to address, and this year's program involves a disaster preparedness scenario.

"There's a PVC pipe with red around it which act as a firefighter and it goes on a certain spot on a little oval. It has to touch the line for bonus points," said 8 th grade competitor Kyleigh Olson. "Then the blue one, which would be the officer, goes in what we call the debris field which is a thick circle."

The wiffle balls acted like debris so the robot needed to move the officer to the debris.

Olson said their robot kept running into the same issue.

"With ours, our wheels are kind of messed up which has happened to most of the robots and it kind of causes it to rotate this way even when it's straight," Olson said.

Even though they didn't win, they're going to come back next year.

First and second place teams will advance to the state level competition in Central Texas on May 20th.

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