Roscoe sisters making anticipated trip to state


ROSCOE, Texas - It's something Lyndi and Bonnie Wilkinson have been thinking for a while.

"We've been planning that since my eighth grade year. We were like, my freshman year, we're going to go together," said Bonnie Wilkinson, a sophomore at Roscoe Collegiate High School.

But the sisters had to put those plans on hold for another year. In 2016, Bonnie qualified for the UIL state track meet, but Lyndi did not.

"I didn't know whether to be happy or sad, so I was crying with her," said Bonnie. "[Lyndi] was like, 'Quit crying, you're going to state!'"

This year, they're going together for the first time.

"I'm happy because this is her last year, so we'll be able to run together at state," said Bonnie. "The fact we get the opportunity to do this is pretty cool," said Lyndi, now a senior.

Bonnie placed second in the triple jump and 400 meter race at regionals to advance to state, while Lyndi won the 800 meter race. Both sisters are a part of the 4x400 meter relay team, along with freshmen Jaci Alexander and Jaleigh Morales, which will also compete in Austin this weekend.

"It's really fun being with [the freshmen] because we were all cheerleaders together, all four of us," said Bonnie.

"It's so much fun," said Lyndi of being on the same relay team with her younger sister. "It brought us all a lot closer."

Both sisters have been to the state track meet, with Lyndi qualifying her freshman and sophomore years, and Bonnie as a freshman.

They believe the experience of being there will help land them on the medal stand.

"At state it's the best of the best. It's going to hurt, and you're going to hurt for that little bit of time, but it's going to be worth it in the end," said Bonnie.

"Hard work beats talent. You always need to stay humble because going two years in a row and kind of taking it for granted that you're going to go back and you don't, it's heartbreaking," said Lyndi. "I've worked really hard this year in practice in order to try to get back this year."

While their coaches, teammates and opponents have pushed them, for the Wilkinson sisters there's no better competition than each other.

"There's lots of fights on this track. Our coach has had to make us run extra because of the fights," said Lyndi. "It's not because we hate each other, but it's because we're trying to push each other to make each other better."

"We like to beat each other," said Bonnie. "Lyndi beats me and I get mad. I beat Lyndi and she gets mad. So the whole time it's back-and-forth."

Bonnie will compete in the triple jump on Friday at UT-Austin's Mike A. Myers Stadium, while the rest of the Plowgirls will compete in their running events on Saturday.