Abilene Salvation Army brings out extra cots for cold weather


ABILENE, Texas - Bunks are filling up at the Salvation Army in Abilene because of the cold weather.

Cots were placed in the TV rooms Friday because all the other rooms with bunk beds were taken.

"We have cots everywhere," said Salvation Army Public Relations and Community Development Director Shelley Futrelle. "We have extra food cooking because we just know that we're going to be inundated with more people."

There were so many people to accommodate Thursday night, the Salvation Army had to make a shower schedule. Futrelle said the line for a hot meal was out the door.

Throughout the day, people have been staying inside the lobby to keep out of the cold. Futrelle said they will not turn anyone away. If more people come to the Salvation Army for a place to sleep, they will need to open up the gym, where they have more showers and cots.

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