Selfless players key for Hamlin's recent success


HAMLIN, Texas - It wasn't the start the Pied Pipers hoped for. Loses to Anson and Merkel created an 0-2 beginning to the season, but since then Hamlin has run off four straight wins, including a 21-14 district-opening victory last week.

One change to point to is the move at quarterback. Freshman Braydin Warner replaced junior Nathaniel Villanueva, but it's more about the reaction to that switch which has fueled the Pipers' winning streak.

"Honestly the way [Villanueva] took that move is probably one of the reasons we're having so much success," tenth-year head coach Russell Lucas said. "He's been a big cheerleader with that freshman quarterback, and great with the move. Our kids are just unselfish and I really think that's what it is."

Villanueva is now at wide receiver where he's more comfortable, and has continued to help Warner transition to starting on varsity.

The junior said their selfless nature comes from the make-up of the team.

"Brotherhood. We're out here together, why not be brothers together?" said Villanueva. "If something's going wrong, it's not just his fault, it's our fault. We got a rep wrong, he got a rep wrong. Now let's fix it on the next one. Let's keep going, get ourselves better."

"I really feel like this group of guys is probably the most unselfish group that we've had here," said Lucas. "They just don't care who gest the credit. They just want to win.

"They're all good friends, they work well together, hold each other accountable. We've got four freshmen starting. They don't care. As long as they're successful and do their jobs, they love those guys just like they do their classmates."

Hamlin is 4-2 this season and will play its second district game on Friday night. The Pipers host Seagraves with kick-off at 7:00.

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