Sexual assault charge against suspended ACU football player dropped


ABILENE, Texas - An Abilene Christian University sophomore is trying to piece together what's left of his educational career after a sexual assault charge against him was dropped last week.

Before his arrest in June, Deng Majok, 20, was a walk-on student-athlete with the ACU football program, a youth football coach and was heavily involved with his Baptist church. Majok was suspended from football, school and his job when he was arrested. "When I was sitting in jail, that's probably the maddest I've ever been in my life," Majok said. "I just had to humble myself thinking, 'You are going to see the light of day again, you are going to be out there and have the opportunity to clear your name.'"

According to the arrest report, Majok and the victim went to a party around 11 p.m. May 6. A woman, also 20, said she got sick after drinking too much alcohol and eating a marijuana cookie. After throwing up, she went to lay down in a bedroom at the house where the party was held.

She told police that Majok came in and started having sex with her, but she was "unable to fully understand what was occurring due to her state of inebriation."

Majok said he had previous sexual relations with his accuser and said he used to date her sister. He said after the arrest, she attempted to file a protection order, but her allegations fell short. The order was denied, and a brief filed by Majok says the accuser's testimony was inconsistent.

Thursday, a Taylor County Grand Jury did not indict Majok. Taylor County District Attorney Jim Hicks said the jury did not find grounds to prosecute his case and a case dismissal will be filed.

Majok is setting up a meeting with the Dean of Students to review his case. ACU will then determine whether he will become a student once again.

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