Sheriff: Suspect claimed he was God before killing Michigan deputy

Christopher Joseph Berak & Deputy Eric Overall

LAPEER, Mich. (WEYI/SBG) - The Lapeer County Sheriff speaking out about the actions that led to the death of Oakland County Deputy Eric Overall.

Christopher Joseph Berak, 22, tried to get into both the Lapeer County Jail and Thumb Correctional Facility, authorities said. He then led police on a 22-mile chase where he would end up killing deputy Eric Overall who was assisting during the pursuit.

According to the Lapeer County Sheriff Scott McKenna, the suspect entered the lobby of the jail claiming he was God and had come to free one of his followers who was imprisoned.

He then returned to his car and called 911.

"He stated he was God and that we had him which was unfair but it was because of violation of man-made laws he does not follow," McKenna said.

According to the sheriff, the suspect then heading down the road to the Thumb Correctional Facility.

"The subject stated at that point he was God and that he was here and has claim on this land meaning the prisons land," says Sheriff McKenna.

Upon returning to the jail, Lapeer County sheriffs deputies began their pursuit. During the chase , the sheriff says, the suspect traveled at posted speeds and even used his turn signal.

Deputy Overall was at the intersection of M-15 and Seymour Lake deploying stop sticks when the sheriff says the suspect tapped his breaks and immediate made a 90 degree turn, driving off the road where he hit and killed overall.

"This was a deliberate act," McKenna said. "To know that on Thanksgiving night there was someone who was expected to come home and didn't. It doesn't matter how right or how everything went perfectly through this thing, these deputies, all of us involved, struggle with that because we played a role in that. "

A candle lit vigil will be held for the deputy on Sunday in downtown Ortonville. Visitation will be from 3 p.m. to 8 p.m. on Monday at Mount Zion Church. The funeral will be Tuesday at 11 am also at Mount Zion Church.

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