Snyder City Council reevaluates city manager position, grants 2-year contract


SNYDER, Texas - There was standing room only at Snyder City Hall for a special city council meeting called to evaluate and reconsider the position of city manager Merle Taylor.

City officials said the discussion was based on an evaluation of Taylor that took place in December. No action was taken after that evaluation.

Taylor has been city manager for Snyder for the past eight years and received an outpouring of support during the meeting.

"We have seen Mr. Taylor go the extra mile," said Fire Chief Perry Westmoreland. "If you want someone who backs his police department, his fire department, Merle Taylor is your man."

More than a dozen community members and leaders, including police officers, Snyder Chamber of Commerce members, and Taylor's employees, spoke on his behalf.

"I had a lot of family issues this year and he never once told me I can't take care of my family," said one of Taylor's employees. "He's always been behind me at my job."

At 6:25 PM the city council broke for executive session and at 7:20 PM they returned with an agreement to give Taylor a two-year contract.

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