Stuffed animal left at Abilene airport attracts attention


ABILENE, Texas - A small stuffed animal left behind at the Abilene Regional Airport this weekend is getting a large amount of attention on social media.

It's an otter whom airport staff have nicknamed Ollie, and they're trying to find his rightful owner.

If Ollie's rightful owner doesn't come forward, they said he'll have a permanent home at the airport, and he's become such a hit on Facebook they might just put him to work.

"When things are left unattended, we have to take them quite seriously, and we need to make sure that they have a good, rightful owner," said Kate Alvarez, marketing and development manager for the Abilene Regional Airport.

That's where Ollie comes into the story. An airport firefighter found Ollie Saturday night on a bench next to baggage claim. That's when he decided to take a picture and post it on Facebook.

"Now we're in day two I guess, and it's still taking off, and there are people sharing it in Missouri and Arkansas and Wisconsin," Alvarez said. "There was somebody who shared it in Okinawa, Japan."

They're hoping the Facebook post will reunite Ollie with his owner, but in the meantime, he's showing off various airport experiences and events through pictures on social media.

"We have a lot going on at the airport that I think people don't really realize, and this could be a way to experience that," Alvarez said. "Ollie, as we will call him, will experience it, and we can share that with everyone."

If Ollie's owner isn't found, they're thinking about having him show maintenance crews working on planes, or what it's like to go through a security checkpoint.