Taylor Electric Cooperative bringing faster internet to rural areas


ABILENE, Texas - Taylor Electric Cooperative announced it will soon be bringing "Access Fiber" into its service area, which will increase internet speeds by up to 25 times.

Fiber internet has been popping up across the country over the past few years. Its technology differs from regular cable, in that it is light based, "so it has more capability and it'll be able to handle more speed than cable," says Elizabeth McVey, Director of Communications with Taylor Electric Co-op.

The company services predominately rural areas that typically struggle with getting fast internet.

"Taylor Electric started in 1939 because people in the outer areas, the ranchers, the farmers couldn't get the electricity. The big companies didn't want to come outside of town because it was too expensive, so it's kind of what we're doing again," says McVey.

Access Fiber is up to 25 times faster than regular cable, according to McVey.

"With our new fiber internet service, the difference is you'll see if you're watching Netflix, you shouldn't have buffering. If you're gaming, information going out and coming in should be just as fast, you're not going to run into any congestion and that's what really slows everything down, so you're kind of able to keep up with everything in real time," McVey said.

They plan to offer 100 megabits per second for a flat fee of $39.95 a month with no cap to data.

You have to be a member to get this service when it becomes available, but McVey says they might possibly extend that outside of membership.

"We're going to get the membership guide us on where we start installation first and then possibly outside of the membership several years down the road," says McVey.

They hope to begin testing it in a few select homes around Taylor County within the next few months. To be considered for the testing, they encourage members to go to their website to fill out an interest form. Non-members are also encouraged to fill out the form to gauge the level of interest around the area.