Teen girl calls out school, claims they called her senior photo 'too inappropriate'


VERONA, Wi. (ABC7) - A teen girl took to Twitter after she says her school told her that her senior picture was "too inappropriate." In the tweet, Eleanor shares her thoughts on her portrait versus a yearbook photo for the school's boy's swim team.

here's my senior picture. because you can see my part of my brallette, it was "too inappropriate". yet, here's the boys swim team picture.

-- eleanor (@elfitzwilliams) September 26, 2017

Eleanor says the controversy started because part of her white brallette was showing in the photo. The portrait Eleanor posted of the boy's swim team - that she says shows them practically naked in their swimwear - was what she says made her frustrated about her picture being deemed "not appropriate." Eleanor wasn't alone - several Twitter users had her back on the situation:

I wasn't allowed to take my senior wrestling picture in my singlet like my teammates because I'm a girl ????‍??stupid af.

-- Camri Lane (@aka_Spiderwoman) September 29, 2017

After Eleanor's tweet went viral, another girl shared a picture explaining how her school made her cover up:

So what exactly did you do about it?

-- Muva Bastet ?? (@madeinHAWAII_) September 27, 2017