Telehealth service assists more than 200 veterans around Abilene


ABILENE, Texas - The Veterans Affairs clinic in Abilene hosted a telehealth service demonstration Thursday in a truck provided by Iron Bow Technologies.

Home Telehealth RN Coordinator Rachel Stout said about 220 veterans in the area use telehealth devices in their homes. Telehealth lets patients consult and share information with doctors through telecommunications technologies.

Navy veteran Bob Terrell of Abilene says his at-home device helps take his vital signs, blood pressure and oxygen levels. He says he's been using the device for three years to help keep track of his diabetes, breathing and heart problems.

"It's a ball and chain you know," Terrell said. "You may want that extra piece of pie but, you know, you got to report your blood sugar so you don't eat it."

Terrell said the device is easy to use and it prevents him from having to go all the way to Big Spring to see a doctor.

Stout said the majority of telehealth service patients are from rural communities. Patients can communicate with specialty doctors from other states.

"This way they get to take their medicine right away and they are able to get better faster," Stout said.

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