Texas father accidentally fatally shot in head while teaching 12-year-old son to shoot


SAN ANTONIO, Texas (KABB/SBG) - A father died after he was shot in the head by his 12-year-old son Friday afternoon.

The Comal County Sheriff's Office says the 53-year-old man was teaching his son how to shoot on a more than 10 acre private property in Bulverde when it happened. Deputies say it was an accident.

Many in the community are saddened by the news, but local gun expert Jaime Correa says it's not unusual for kids to learn how to handle a gun at such an early age.

"The rules of gun safety are no different at the public range, at the private range and your own backyard," Correa said.

He said it is important to always assume a gun is loaded, keep your finger off the trigger and always know where the gun is pointed.

Deputies are still investigating the incident.

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