Texas man walks 40 miles to bring cross to Sutherland Springs


SUTHERLAND SPRINGS, Texas (KABB/SBG) - Miguel Zamora's mission is to walk from New Braunfels to Sutherland Springs carrying a 150-pound cross.

He's doing the 40 mile trip on foot.

"Both my shoulders are bruised up, they hurt, my hands start falling asleep," said Zamora.

The cross reads, "one nation under God" and "we love you Sutherland Springs."

He's doing it to honor the 26 innocent victims killed in the church shooting.




"I gotta get it there. You know, for them," said Zamora.

He wants people to join him and show a sense of unity.

"To show my love and show the love of God to the families. That's really my main message just love one another," said Zamora.

People have stopped their cars to wave and meet him. Others have brought him food and water.

"I almost hit the breaks when I saw him," said Ann Wyss. "Good thing I didn't because there's 3 cars behind me and I said he is really doing it! That is absolutely phenomenal."

"I was on my way home and I saw Miguel and I thought I have to turn back to let him know what an inspiration he is to all of us," said Lupe Rodriquez.

They've motivated him.

"When I need encouragement, people will stop like just now and you that's what keeps me going," said Zamora.

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