Thanksgiving not kind to the Dallas Cowboys in loss to Chargers


ARLINGTON, Texas - The Dallas Cowboys didn't give fans much reason to cheer on Thanksgiving Day with a 28-6 loss to the Los Angeles Chargers marking the franchise's third-straight defeat of the season.

At least the Philadelphia loss was competitive for a half. This one was all Chargers the entire way, with the Cowboys left scrambling to find any sort of offensive production in a blowout loss - the third consecutive one for Dallas.

"It hurts," said All-Pro tight end Jason Witten after the game. "We didn't envision this four months ago. We didn't envision this four weeks ago. But it's where we're at."

When asked about ways to fix things, running back Alfred Morris - who's filling in the starting role for suspended Ezekiel Elliott - didn't't seem to have an answer.

"I can't really figure out what it is," he said. "We'll try to go back to the drawing board and get it figured out, honestly. I can't really tell."

Jerry Jones, the Cowboys owner and GM has been asked this question going on two-straight weeks -- what do you think is holding this team back?

"I really wouldn't dare to even go toward any combination of handfuls things," Jones explained outside the locker room. "We're not a good football team right now. We can be a good team."

"Certainly it's easier to say execute better, but it's bigger than that," added Jason Witten. "You've got to continue to fight through it. Take the frustration, the emotion out of it, use that as fuel to find solutions to get better and to play better. I know that's what our football team is going to do starting tomorrow."

After this thanksgiving stuffing, the Cowboys hope a full week off will pay some dividends for a program still trying to motor on with Zeke, Sean Lee, and possibly now Zack Martin out. Dallas will play division rival Washington at home next Thursday, with both teams now fighting to stay in playoff contention.