This photographer transformed sick children into superheroes


If you ever wanted a photo that perfectly recreated a scene from a movie, photographer Josh Rossi can do just that. You may remember him, he shot a Beauty and The Beast photo shoot series for his daughter a couple months ago.

His new passion project: he turned kids battling illnesses and disabilities into superheroes from the film Justice League, which is expected to hit theaters this November.




Rossi worked with six kids under the age of eight and completed a movie poster style image for each one of them. He even organized a special reveal for each of the kids.

Rossi says this was his "super" passion project. The costumes were movie accurate and customized for each of the kids, which could cost over $10,000, but were all donated for the shoot.

Rossi is based out of Los Angeles and Puerto Rico and specializes in commercial and advertising photography.

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