Tires are most disposed items at Brown County clean up


BROWNWOOD, Texas - Dozens of people hauled trash in their vehicles on Saturday to the Bill Monroe Overpass for Brownwood's annual free county-wide clean up.

They brought things like brush, yard debris, metal, spray paint, stoves, car batteries, and motor oil. But the most popular item people took by far were car tires.

"Anywhere people can throw things, they'll throw them. Unless, they have an outlet like this," said Cary Perrin with Keep Brownwood Beautiful. "And people like it because it's free."

The non-profit agency Keep Brownwood Beautiful and the city's sanitation department partnered to hold the event for the 10 th straight year.

Sanitation supervisor Sonny McGinn advises people to get rid of old tires as soon as possible because they create a safety and health hazard.

"Mosquitoes will breed in them old tires… they sit out in that rain and it collects," he said.

Organizers limited the amount of tires people could take on Saturday to eight. Anyone with more would have to take them to the city's landfill and recycling center at a cost of $5 each.

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