Train derailment: T&P Lane shut down in Abilene, 'major cleanup' underway


ABILENE, Texas - T&P Lane is shut down after a Union Pacific train derailment happened around 11:50 p.m. Monday.

Abilene police say the road just south of East Highway 80, near the intersection of Sandy Street, will be closed one to two days for the "major cleanup effort."


Advisory: T&P Ln. @ RR Crossing closed for 1-2 days due to train derailment. Major cleanup effort as crews work to clear up cars.

-- Abilene Police Dept (@abilenepd) October 10, 2017

There are no injuries in this accident according to Jeff DeGraff, Union Pacific Media Relations.

"The cause is still under investigation. We're collecting some information from the site now," DeGraff said.

DeGraff said the train, which was traveling from Odessa to Fort Worth, was mostly empty but carried some used railroad ties.

One resident across the street, Mark Belcher, described the sound as " a mild explosion, but it was multiple explosions, it was pretty scary."

Belcher said he's lived at his house near T&P Lane for about 35 years, but he feels safer now that he's seen that the damage doesn't reach his house.

"There's 10-15 trains a day that run by here and it's always a concern that something's going to happen, and you know, something did," Belcher said.

DeGraff said crews will inspect the area and make sure the rail lines are in good condition before reopening. He said they expect to reopen the line later Tuesday night.

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