Two indicted for July murder of Abilene teen

D'Jaman West, 19, of Sweetwater and D'audre Hight-Ealy, 21, of Abilene

ABILENE, Texas - A Taylor County grand jury indicted two men Thursday for their alleged roles in the murder of a teen at an Abilene apartment complex.

D'Jaman West, 19, of Sweetwater and D'audre Hight-Ealy, 21, of Abilene are facing charges for the July killing of 19-year-old Bronson Boyles.

A third person who was previously arrested -- Jerel Mathis Jr., 19 -- was released from Taylor County Jail and his charges were dropped.

According to court documents, police used a GPS monitor -- which West had acquired as part of a probation order from another county -- to pinpoint hat West was at the scene of the shooting when the murder occurred.

Abilene Police were dispatched in reference to a shooting at an apartment building on the 1000 block of South Clack in the early morning hours of July 29.

A witness reportedly saw West grab Boyles' arm, then take a pistol and shoot Boyles in the chest. A second witness said West was on the top landing of the apartments when the "struggle" began. The witness allegedly heard a gunshot and then saw West holding the gun over Boyles. High-Ealy reportedly knew West had a gun. Police executed a search warrant at Hight-Ealy's house and found a pair of shoes that he admitted to wearing the night of the murder. The shoes tested positive for human blood.

According to court documents, in an interview with Abilene police, Hight-Ealy said he saw West kill Boyles. Hight-Ealy's story reportedly changed over the course of the interview, but consistently stated that West killed Boyles.

Hight-Ealy reportedly stated that he, West, and three others were at an apartment and talked about robbing someone for marijuana. One of the others mentioned that someone downstairs, Boyles, sold marijuana and that they should rob him.

They all reportedly went to Boyles' apartment and Hight-Ealy then told the group "never mind," because Boyles didn't have that much marijuana. Hight-Ealy also reportedly stated that West and Boyles started scuffling and then West shot him.

Hight-Ealy said he ran to his car with West and the others, then West threatened to shoot them if they said they saw him shoot Boyles. Hight-Ealy also stated that the entire group should be punished for the murder because they all planned to rob him.

Neighbors of Boyles also heard the shooting and they reportedly assisted him into a vehicle and transported him to Abilene Regional Medical Center, where he was later pronounced dead. The cause of death was a gunshot wound to his torso.

Hight-Ealy remains jail in Taylor County Jail on bonds totaling $700,000. West remains jailed on bonds totaling $754,800.

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