Tye mother desperately seeks son who's been missing for almost a month


TYE, Texas - It's been 21 days since Susan Williams last saw her son, 35-year-old Jerome "Romey" Allsup. She said she could feel his attitude decline as he refused to take medication for his Paranoid Schizophrenia.

The last thing Susan Williams told Jerome Allsup was that she loved him and she'd see him later.

"What's going on in my mind is that I have to continue to keep looking and I have to find ways to get some sleep at night and that's hard," Williams said. "When his brain chemistry is right, he's an old, kind soul."

The Tye Police Department has placed Romey on the Texas Department of Public Safety's Missing Persons Clearinghouse web site. Law enforcement agencies across the state have Romey's information. Tye PD is working to find Romey's 2004 blue Mustang with the license plate number CPL 3466. Romey's phone is turned off so local law enforcement can't locate him through his cellphone.

Williams is hanging on, eager to find her son. She's made posters and a Facebook group Find Romey. She said all Tye PD needs is a solid lead to help launch their search.