UIL Realignment: Wylie jumps to Class 5A, other schools on the move


ABILENE, Texas - The Wylie Bulldogs will officially join Class 5A athletics for the 2018-2019, and 2019-2020 school years, according to the re-alignment enrollment and cut-off numbers released by the University Interscholastic League on Wednesday morning.

Wylie submitted an enrollment of 1164, which is just above the cut-off for Class 5A of 1150. Wylie had previously competed as one of the largest Class 4A schools.

Beginning in the next realignment, Class 5A will be divided into Division I and Division II for football, in the same way Class 1A-4A are currently.

The Bulldogs will play Class 5A Division II for football, while Abilene Cooper is in Class 5A Division I. The two schools should be grouped in the same district for all other sports.

Schools will find out which districts they will compete in on February 5, 2018. Divisions are only used to separate schools and districts for football.

As expected, Eastland will move from Class 3A Division II to 3A Division I for football with an enrollment of 361, which is above the cut-off of 335.

Merkel will drop from 3A Division I to 3A Division II.

Snyder submitted an enrollment of 726 and will now play football in Class 4A Division II, which should push them into a district with rival Sweetwater.

Anson's enrollment of 227 makes the Tigers three students above the cut-off for 3A Division II, which could put them in a football district with Merkel, Cisco and Coleman.

Comanche came in just under the cut-off line for 3A Division I, and will move to 3A Division II for football.

Abilene High School is soundly in the Class 6A bracket with an enrollment of 2,394.

Munday, Hamlin, Ranger, Baird and Roby all had enrollments below the cut-off to play 11-man football, but will play up to the Class 2A Division II level.

You can find the full list of realignment cut-off numbers for each school on the UIL's realignment page.

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