Update: 106-year-old woman safe at shelter after search in flooded home fails

Photo by Maria Aguilera/KTXS News: Jay Garth, son-in-law of 106-year-old Helen Snyder, helped lead the search for Snyder in a flooded Beaumont home Thursday. Snyder, fortunately, was later found safe in a shelter.?

BEAUMONT, Texas - A 106-year-old woman, who searchers unsuccessfully attempted to find in a flooded Beaumont house Thursday, has been found safe.

Helen Snyder was located in one of the city's shelters.

The failed search for her had been featured on a KTXS Facebook Live - and many followers had expressed concern about her condition.

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Volunteer rescuers in Beaumont didn't think twice about helping people affected by Harvey.

They got on their boats and launched to help with rescue efforts in flooded areas.

Beaumont resident, Jay Garth, got a call Thursday morning. Helen Snyder, his 106-year-old mother-in-law, was stuck in a flooded home and needed to be rescued.

Once at her home, nobody was found. Garth said she lived in that home with other elders under special care.

Rescuers broke into the home and looked everywhere, but there was no sign of her. Garth was left to assume that those in the house had already been rescued.

Meanwhile, local resident Brandon Ancelet said people have come together during this difficult time.

"It's amazing everyone from everywhere that came wholeheartedly," Ancelet said, "risking their own lives to save those people. It's amazing."

The rescuers said that they wanted to help everyone.

Beaumont resident Craig Stansbury said seeing people in distress was difficult to encounter.

"You can't get everyone on your boat at one time." Stansbury said. "You've got ladies coming up to you saying take my kids, their infants, their babies and you can't get everybody. It'll get to you."

As of Thursday, we don't know if Helen was reunited with her family. Many from her neighborhood had already been rescued. Garth believes she might be in one of the shelters across the city.