Veteran helps other veterans in Abilene find employment


ABILENE, Texas - Finding a job after leaving the military can be tough for some veterans. In 2016, there were nearly half a million unemployed veterans. The unemployment rate for veterans dropped in October to a record low of 2.7 percent.

Larry Denton is the regional manager for the Texas Veterans Commission. He's a veteran who helps other veterans use their military skills to find employment.

Denton said he received a call about a job and started the day after he left the military.

"I literally stumbled into a job," Denton said. "I went to work for the state of Texas but one of the things that helped the most was that I had a network of contacts in the community that were actually looking out to help me find work."

Denton said it may not be that easy for some veterans, but once they're able to identify their skills they realize they have a lot to offer an employer.

At a veteran's job fair, a woman approached Denton to thank him.

"She said I'm so glad you're here," Denton said. "You probably don't remember me and she told me her name and she said that 17 years ago I helped her find a job."

He said that is one of the many reasons he loves his job.

"It's about knowing that I've had an opportunity to help a veteran be successful."

If you'd like more information on the Texas Veterans Commission you can visit their website:

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