New parking rules in effect at the Buffalo Gap Flea Market


ABILENE, Texas - Saturday was the first day new parking rules were emphasized at the Buffalo Gap Flea Market. Visitors parked on private property in the past or along a very busy street. Now there are no parking signs and tape along West St. to stop visitors from parking there.

There is a lot on Cherry St. and another one on Oak St. where parking is allowed.

"It's safer because it's pretty much a parking lot now," said Kim Denton, as she made her way over to the flea market.

Some people visiting the flea market thought this was a great idea because parking is more organized compared to before. However, it was a little difficult for Toni Brawley and her husband, who is using crutches.

"I'm parked way out there somewhere, out in the middle of nowhere," Brawley said. "[The new parking] is good for everybody else, but if you're handicap or you have a wheelchair or something, there's nothing up close."

She said they used to park up close, but this time they couldn't.

"I mean it's good for [my husband] because he's getting the exercise, but at the same time it does wear him out," Brawley said.

The Taylor County Sheriff's Office said they'll issue citations to anyone who parks on private party or where the no parking signs are posted. The Buffalo Gap Flea Market is year round and takes place on the third Saturday of every month.

Click here for a map of where to park.

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