Wanted: Abilene police seek 7, cash reward offered

Chad Carter, 35, of Abilene

ABILENE, Texas - The Abilene Police Department is seeking seven suspects as part of its Wanted Wednesday effort.


The seven include:

*- Daniel Cheairs, 22, of Abilene - failure to register as a sex offender

*- Chad Carter, 35, of Abilene - injury to a child

*- Caleb Thornhill, 20, of Abilene - indecency with a child

*- Adam Rocha, 28, of Hawley - injury to a child

*- Daniel Salazar, 21, of Abilene - sexual assault of a child

*- Kathleen Wood, 35, of Abilene - injury to a child

*- Kimberly Cortinez, 24, of Abilene - burglary of a habitation

"If you have information on any of these suspects, call us @ 325-676-8477 and you could earn a cash reward. We want your information, not your name," the Abilene Police Department said in a social media message.

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