Weekend fight at Brown County Jail hospitalizes two


BROWN COUNTY, Texas - An altercation at the Brown County jail on Saturday led to the hospitalization of an inmate and jailer.

An inmate arrested on Friday night began to act erratic after he was done with speaking to his family during visitation hours, according to Sheriff Vance Hill.

"He twisted off from the jailers and tried to find an exit in the jail," Hill said on Monday. "The jailers were there to confront him, but he was incoherent."

About six to eight law enforcement personnel were called to take down the inmate, whose identity is being withheld at the moment.

"The inmate and one jail staffer were taken to the emergency room," Hill said. "The jailer was treated and released, but the inmate is still receiving care for unrelated medical issues."

According to the sheriff, the inmate will face additional charges.