White-tailed deer hunting season begins Saturday


BROWNWOOD, Texas - Saturday marks the start of when Texans put their bows away and bring out their rifles to hunt white-tailed deer.

Rifle season provides an economic boom to parts of Central Texas, where deer are plentiful. Weakley-Watson Sporting Goods in Early sees that impact.

They were busy Tuesday taking calls and helping customers looking for hunting rifles.They're considered the oldest active gun store in the United States.

"We're looking for a really big turn out this year," store employee David Correia said.

Rifle hunting season begins Nov. 4 and ends Jan. 7, 2018 for 226 counties in Texas.

Some hunters were beating the weekend crowd buying hunting items on Tuesday.

Correia said "camouflage material, camo netting, and de-scent" are some items people are purchasing.

Would-be hunters need to purchase a hunting license and take a hunter education course, according to the Texas Game Wardens.

Brown County Game Warden Travis Allen said the course is a requirement for those born after September 1, 1971 and law enforcement will be out monitoring whether hunters have both.

"A lot of people don't think that their small children have to have a license, which they do," Allen said.

Allen also said several counties have antler restrictions that people need to be mindful of when hunting.

Correia encourages people to practice gun safety when they go out to hunt.

"Know your firearm first and foremost," he said. "Know the grain and caliber ... Most of the [hunters] do, they've been doing this since young kids."

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