Suspect in Big Country shooting dies from 'apparent self-inflicted gunshot'

Clifton Lindsey was identified as "armed and dangerous" during February 2017 after firing shots at someone in Callahan County.

By Will Jensen, Jamie Burch and Andrew McMillan/KTXS News

CALLAHAN COUNTY, Texas -- One woman is in the hospital and one man is dead after a four-hour standoff with police.

It happened Tuesday afternoon at a house in the northeast corner of Callahan County near the Eastland County Line. Lights flashed from law enforcement vehicles on Highway 6 and a Texas Department of Public Safety helicopter circled overhead as firefighters stopped drivers from passing through.

"A lady had been shot in the face," said Callahan County Sheriff Terry Joy. He said they got the call for the shooting at about noon.

Their suspect was 55-year-old Clifton Boyd Lindsey, and they had reason to believe he was in the home.

Joy said the Abilene Police Department's SWAT team used tear gas inside the home, then went inside themselves. Joy said Lindsey died of what appears to be a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

"Clifton Boyd Lindsey was laying on the floor, and is deceased and it's sad, it's a bad way to do it," Joy said. "If he had just given himself up and got some treatment -- but he didn't do that. He was on the run. He was a fugitive, and this was his choice."

Joy said Lindsey's victim, Christine Rogers, was taken by helicopter to John Peter Smith hospital in Fort Worth. Her condition is unknown, but Joy said the bullet went all the way through, and it looks like she's going to be okay.

The Texas Rangers are investigating.


Update 5:15 p.m.: Callahan County Sheriff Terry Joy confirmed to KTXS that Clifton Lindsey died from a gunshot wound during a standoff with law enforcement. Joy said the wound appeared to be self-inflicted.

Joy also identified the victim shot by Lindsey earlier Tuesday as Christine Rogers. He said Rogers was taken to John Peter Smith Hospital in Fort Worth. Her condition wasn't made available.

The sheriff's department also clarified that the location where Rogers was shot was in Callahan County, not Eastland County.

Update 4:30 p.m.: Law enforcement officials have mostly vacated the area where a standoff occurred with a man suspected of shooting a woman in the face.

KTXS crew at the scene noted the heavy police presence had thinned out around 4 p.m. near the house where the accused shooter, Clifton Lindsey, was said to be.

We have reached out to the Callahan County Sheriff's Office multiple times for Lindsey's condition but the department has not made any information available.

The Texas Department of Public Safety is investigating the case, but Texas Rangers have not released any information either.

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Multiple law enforcement agencies are at a home in northeast Callahan County where they believe a man wanted for shooting a woman in the face is hiding.

The suspect is 55-year-old Clifton Boyd Lindsey. PHOTOS --}

The Callahan County Sheriff's Office says Lindsey shot the woman around 12 noon in Eastland County. She was taken by helicopter to an Eastland County hospital. Her name and condition have not been released.

The Department of Public Safety, Texas Rangers, Callahan County Sheriff's Office and Eastland County Sheriff's Office are at a home off Hwy. 6 in Callahan County, less than 5 miles south of Moran. That's where they believe Lindsey is hiding.

That stretch of Highway 6 has been closed since 1 p.m.

If Lindsey looks familiar, it's because he was wanted in connection with another shooting in February.

Callahan County Sheriff Terry Joy told KTXS Lindsey was never located after the February shooting.