Wylie ISD to propose $45 million bond to build new schools


ABILENE, Texas - The Wylie Independent School District is holding a board meeting on Monday, Aug. 21, to call for a bond election.

Monday is the last day its board can make the decision in time for the November ballot.

The board is proposing a $45 million bond to build two new schools. Both campuses, an elementary school and a fifth-to-eighth-grade campus, will be built on the east side of Maple.

"We are now considered a fast-growth school district in the state of Texas, so we are seeing a lot of the issues that come with that," Wylie ISD Superintendent Joey Light said. "We have to continue to add classroom space."

According to Light, the two campuses should be able to hold a total of 1,800 students. He also mentioned that at the current growth rate of 200 students per year, this will be a longterm solution that will last about eight years.

"In probably seven years or so," Light said, "we will have to reevaluate and see if the growth continues as projected"

The school board last approved a bond in 2015 for $15 million to add classrooms to the high school as well as a new performing arts center.

The bond will take 20 years to pay back, and Light said the district will be looking at the exact numbers at Monday's board meeting. They will also determine if they will propose the $45 million, the payback period, and some tax rates, as well as how it will affect Abilene homeowners

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