Abandonded horses finding new homes


ABILENE, Texas - An update on the horses from Ranger that were taken by animal services after being found in poor condition.

Animal services said about half of the horses have already been adopted and the rest are improving in health and ready to be taken to new homes.

Timmy Rodela, of Abilene, and his 11-year old daughter Rosie adopted one of the abandoned horses from Ranger.

"He's here for a reason, in this world, and if you want an animal you need to take care of it," Rodela said.

He told KTXS he's been adopting horses for about 10 years, between 15 and 20 in all.

His mission: getting them healthy, and sending them to good homes.

"It's something we enjoy doing as a family," he said.

Rosie even has a rescue horse of her own.

"I'll get them out and I'll play with them," she said.

An employee of the Texas prison system for 20 years, Rodela said caring for and feeding the animals isn't hard.

"We all got a feeding ration that we feed all the animals everyday, everything gets fed and watered," Rodela said. "Our animals eat better than we do, because it's just the love of the animals."

The horse adopted by the Rodela's is the tenth to find a new home.

Abilene's Animal Services said the other nine have been adopted by families in Cisco, Winters and Abilene.

Abilene Animal Services said the remaining horses are in much better condition than when they arrived.

The horses are said to be in "adoptable shape."

Animal services said it's going over a list to find homes for the remaining equines.