Abilene Animal Shelter sees spike in strays


ABILENE, Texas - The Abilene Animal Shelter's been a busy place the last few days.

Shelter officials say they've seen a huge increase in the number of strays mostly because of the Fourth of July holiday.

They said the loud booms from fireworks causes some animals to run away trying to get away from the noise.

Aaron Vannoy, the Abilene animal services manager, said they've seen 173 animals come in since Thursday night.

That's four times what they would see during any other holiday weekend.

"That puts a major strain on the animals that are up for adoption, the animals that are being held waiting for owners to respond, and so all those stray animals and those owner surrender animals really puts a burden on the entire shelter," Vannoy said.

If they're able to tell who an animal's owner is through a microchip or a tag that owner has five days to claim their pet.

Otherwise, animals have two days before they could go up for adoption.

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