Abilene being patient with hail damage repairs


ABILENE, Texas - Abilene ISD and Serenity House alcohol and drug treatment facility – just like much of Abilene – are waiting for final damage estimates in the wake of last Thursday's hailstorm.

According to AISD spokesman Phil Ashby, the district could possibly face millions of dollars worth of damages between numerous schools.

"We're looking at some significant dollars investments go get many of our north side campuses back to having secure roofs and ready for school kids," Ashby said.

Evaluations of local schools are still in the early stages, but Ortiz, Taylor and Martinez elementary school sustained roof damages.

Ashby said he hopes enough repairs can be made before the beginning of the school year, so that it doesn't interfere with regular class schedules.

The Serenity House had all 13 of its vehicles damaged. Most of the damaged vehicles had shattered front windshields.

"All of the vehicles are used in transporting clients to their various appointments," said Dick Spalding, president of Serenity House, "or to meetings that they need to attend."

Evaluations of the vehicles started Tuesday, and the center is still awaiting a final count.

Spalding expects the total to be more than $300,000, but he remains optimistic about the situation and still being able to help clients.

"I don't know of anyone who got hurt in all of this," said Spalding. "Abilene is fortunate in that sense."