Abilene blood center welcoming donors to 'replenish supply'


ABILENE, Texas - After a shooting in an Orlando nightclub that left 50 dead and many others injured, residents in the Abilene area have called blood centers offering to donate blood to help support the victims.

Meek Blood Center Donations Coordinator Frances Baker said the center is not authorized to send blood out of the state but they are still encouraging people to donate as a backup for blood centers in the state.

"Just in case the bigger centers are asked to ship to Florida, then we would be able to support the blood centers here in Texas." Baker said. "So in essence, [their role would be] replenishing their blood supply."

Baker also said donors should remain proactive because processing and testing blood takes several days -- the blood being used for the victims now was most likely donated days ago.

The Meek Blood Center is located near Hendrick Medical Center at 1150 North 18 th Street.